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Purple and Silver Flute

7 things You Should know Before Buy Flute

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"7 Things You should Know Before You Buy a Flute"


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"7 Things You Should Know
You Buy a Flute"
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flute for sale
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Full-Size Instrument
This beautiful, brand new purple and silver flute is exactly the same size as a professional instrument.
Children can't grow out of it. It's suitable for anyone from the age of 7 years.

Suitable for School Bands
More and more school bands are now featuring brightly colored instruments amongst the assembly of traditional colors. Masterpiece flutes are a welcome addition to school bands, because they are easy to play in tune and attract more children to learning music.


Hear What it Sounds Like.

Our range of colored flutes all sound the same, so we don't record individual tracks for each one. The recordings below let you hear how good this flute can sound.
Great Value if it was $209

Split E Mechanism

This flute is fitted with the split E mechanism, which is a lever that automatically closes one of the G keys when High E is fingered. This lowers the pitch of high E, which tends to come out a little sharp, making it easier to play High E in tune. This feature is definitely worth having, although few students get up to high E for at least three years. It is difficult enough at the best of time to play the flute in tune, and any feature that makes this task easier is a big asset. The base model Yamaha flute, the YFL-221, doesn’t have the split E. If you want a Yamaha flute with a split E, you have to upgrade your flute to the YFL-221, but it will cost you $150 extra. All Masterpiece flutes have the Split E mechanism fitted as standard.

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Purple & Silver Flute
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The body of this flute is made from cupro-nickel - an alloy of copper and nickel, then painted green. The keys and lip-plate are coated with with pure silver plating.

Silver plating is superior to nickel plating because

  • It gives a brighter, shinier finish, and
  • Nickel plating feels greasy to the touch, making the flute slippery to hold.
Brand Masterpiece
Model Entertainer
Brand New
Full Size Instrument
Suitable for School Band
Silver-Plated Keys
Offset G Key
Split E Mechanism
Number of Holes 16
Foot Joint C
Covered or Open Holes Covered
Carry Case Included
Cleaning Rod Included
Adjusting Screwdriver Included
Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Included

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Purple & Silver Flute
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Why buy musical instruments from us:

Hundred of satisfied eBay customers have given us great feedback – and you will have a 12 month warranty covering you in the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect.

Our principal, Andrew Scott, has been a professional musician and teacher since 1978. He supplies his students with these instruments and can vouch for their value.

We send by next-day-delivery overnight express post, or registered post. Any loss or damage during shipping is borne by us.

We ship via Australia Post, one of the most reliable postal services in the world. Our warehouse is located in the Adelaide Hills.


Payment information
We accept PayPal, Bank Transfer, cheques and money orders. We usually send orders on the same day that we receive payment.

Choose your Shipping - Australia
A variety of shipping options are available, depending on how quickly you want your new instrument. Each option includes tracking.

International shipping
This item ships via Australia Post Air Mail and is covered for replacement if the item is damaged during shipment. Optional loss insurance is available.

flute for sale
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The Masterpiece Brand
Masterpiece Instruments Logo


This brand has been developed to provide great value instruments for entry level players who are in the early stages of learning.

You can reasonably expect several years of trouble-free playing from a Masterpiece instrument.




But wait! There's more!!!

Bonus #1 - Flute Fingering Chart

Sooner or later you will find a note in one of your pieces that you don't know the fingering for. It might be a D sharp, it could be a B flat. Whichever note it is, you'll find the fingering for for it in this 3 page booklet, which shows you how to play all the notes on the flute from Low C to Altissimo F. 42 notes in all. Delivered as a download.

Bonus #4 -The First Flute Method

The First Flute Method is an easy-to-follow system designed for the absolute beginner. It teaches you all the things you need to know to play the flute. The method consists of a 72 page Ebook and set of 170 audio tracks, delivered by download.

It contains music from all styles and eras, so there is sure to be something you will really love.

Through a sequence of explanations, diagrams, exercises and songs, you will learn how to play the flute at your own pace.

It will be helpful if you take lessons from a teacher also, but you can still achieve a lot by yourself.

No musical knowledge is necessary.

Topics covered include:

  • Putting the flute together
  • How to hold the flute
  • Making your first sound
  • Counting beats
  • Tuning the flute to the CD
  • How to breathe and blow properly
  • How to read music
  • and much more.


Bonus #2 - Flute Ringtone

The track is "March of the Toys", from Peter Tchaikovsky's ballet, The Nutcracker Suite. This recording is a fresh arrangement for the flute that is not available elsewhere.

Bonus #3 - Flute Sheet Music

A copy of the sheet music for your ringtone, March of the Toys, so that you can play it too.



Here's What You Get
+ yamaha flute - 2nd Hand + yamaha flute - 2nd Hand + yamaha flute - 2nd Hand
+ yamaha flute - 2nd Hand + yamaha flute - 2nd Hand    
All of the above items:
Purple & Silver Flute, including case......................$209.00
Fingering chart....................................................9.95
Sheet music........................................................14.95
The First Flute Method, with 170 MP3 audio tracks........29.95

Outstanding value..................................$268.80
Price to You - Just $209
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Two Fold Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is this

Part 1:

For 30 days, you will be able to thoroughly test the flute, show it to your teacher and get their opinion. If, at the end of that time, you are not convinced that this instrument represents great value for the price you paid, or for any other reason, simply contact us and tell us you are returning it. We will promptly and courteously refund your purchase price.


Part 2:

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your flute we will repair or replace it for 12 months from the date of your receiving the flute.

Click here for full details of the guarantee.

This is an absolutely risk-free deal for you.
How do you know we will honor the guarantee?
Please check out our positive feedback on Ebay. We are in this business for the long term, and satisfied customers are the goal we aim for.




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